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Terms and Conditions


    Our "Service" is defined as providing you the customer with an online dashboard, reporting and alerts around the attendance of your staff when they successfully interact with one of our devices as placed in a location by you.
    An "interaction" is defined as when someone successfully registers their presence with any of our supplied devices using any of the various methods we provide as part of the service.
    If you exceed the number of interactions agreed in your price plan we will work with you to help ensure you are on the right price plan that best fits your needs going forward.
    We have a support team that works standard business hours, while we take pride in making our product very easy to use if your staff need additional support out of hours this is an additional cost and not part of this offer.
    Monthly payment will be taken by direct debit on the same day each month, each payment will represent the service we will provide you for the coming month.
    We reserve the right to change our pricing if it's required, we will write to you via email giving you 30 days notice. If you don't accept the new pricing then of course you are welcome to end the Service Agreement. If we do not hear back from you over that period of 30 days then the new pricing will be automatically applied starting in the following month after the 30 days notice period has finished.
    All of our pricing is VAT exclusive.

The FaciliTime™ device

    In order to use our service you will need to pay a one time fee for each device which you can then put into any location of your choice.
    While our device is incredibly light weight and doesn't transmit any sort of signal it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that your customer is comfortable with it being placed on their premises.
    Terian is not liable for any damage or costs incurred related to the Facilitime™ device while being on a customers premises.
    While you are paying for our services we guarantee the device for 11 years and will send out a replacement if there are any issues as part of general usage/wear and tear. This guarantee does not cover willful or malicious damage in which case the customer will need to cover the cost of a replacement.
    The one time fee for each device is non refundable regardless of how long you subscribe to our service for.
    As the customer you are effectively leasing any devices assigned to you as they remain the property of Terian.

Ending the Service Agreement

    Should you at any point you wish to discontinue with us please formally write to us in an email, we require 30 days written notice.
    If you decide to end our Service Agreement all assigned devices will need to be returned to us at your cost.
    Once the Service Agreement has ended you will have 30 days in order to return your assigned devices - any costs incurred by Terian in order to replace or recover a device will be passed back to you.
    If after the Service Agreement has been terminated there are any further interactions with a device before it can be successfully returned any associated costs incurred by Terian will be passed back to you.
    Terian reserves the right to terminate the Service Agreement at any stage with 30 days written notice via email. An example where this step might be required is if there is consistent overuse of your price plan in terms of exceeding the number of agreed interactions.