The next generation of electronic attendance solutions

With a solution strategically designed to support the ever changing needs of homecare and healthcare service providers, FaciliTime™ offers a competitive edge coupled with improved remote workforce management and financial controls.

FaciliTime™ makes homecare attendance monitoring easy, we understand that controlling expenditure without lowering standards gives a significant advantage over industry rivals when it comes to bidding for new business or continuing to meet the SLA for existing clients

Benefits of Electronic Home Care Monitoring for the Health Sector

FaciliTime™ remote workforce monitoring is perfectly suited to the demands and considerations of the health and homecare service provider. It uses state-of-the-art telephone services to allow you to monitor, manage and track both the location and time spent on site of any remote and mobile workforce or lone worker. The system makes cumbersome paper timesheets and time cards obsolete, replacing them with web-based real time monitoring which integrated with payroll and invoicing systems.

In the health or home care sectors covering elderly, vulnerable, infirm and disabled people, it is crucial that staff turn up on time and work the hours they are contracted to do. FaciliTime™ eliminates the remote workforce’s ability to claim for unapproved or unauthorised fraudulent overtime by ensuring the location of staff is correct at the time of clocking in/out.

Real time alerts

The system will also send a text alert if a worker fails to clock in, triggering additional control procedures and allowing your business to safeguard its care levels. This means you can implement alternative plans to provide the expected service, maintain the company reputation and retain the contract.