The next generation of electronic attendance solutions


With cutting-edge technology and a strong focus on the user experience, FaciliTime™ will revolutionise, economise and optimise your approach to remote workforce management.


An intelligent, web based system, FaciliTime™ helps busy managers to store, track and organise their employees’ time from a single central location.


Whether you have three staff or three hundred, FaciliTime™ is robust and reliable. It can be tailored to your needs, is future proofed and intelligent.


Employees simply call a free phone number on arrival, enter their pin number to clock in and then repeat the procedure to clock out. No special equipment required.

Great Support

Improve payroll accuracy and remove the risk of overpayment

Packed Full Of Features

A full set of best in class features helps to ensure that FaciliTime™ can deliver everything you need when it comes to verifying attendance, regardless of how big or small your remote workforce might be and across any location.

FaciliTime™ is purpose built to save busy managers time and money. Perfect for managing today’s flexible and increasingly mobile workforce across a wide range of industries. These include the Commercial Cleaning, Construction, Security, Facility Management and Healthcare sectors amongst others.

Step 1

The remote worker has a variety of simple to use methods available upon arriving and leaving a location in order to verify the actual time they were on site, these include using NFC from their Smart phone, sending a simple SMS or calling our dedicated phone line amongst other options.

Advantage: This utterly seamless process means managers no longer need to complete, collect and collate manual timesheets.

Step 2

All employee hours are logged and employees are trackable right down to a specific site location.

Advantage: The system also lets you see in real time who is logged in to remote sites and where employees are at any given time. FaciliTime™ eliminates the remote workforce’s ability to claim for unapproved or unauthorised overtime by ensuring the location of your staff is correct at the time of clocking in/out. It can also implement strict controls on overtime without affecting your staffs existing workload. FaciliTime™ is an intelligent and automated solution that will help remove the need for any manual entry while providing real time reporting with greater speed and accuracy. Furthermore the solution will also help reduce any discrepancies, disputes around hours’ worked and general time spent on supervision.

Step 3:

No manually written timesheets means there’s no longer a mountain of paperwork to store, process and create reports on. All data can be sorted quickly and easily with the click of a button.

Advantage: Because time and attendance can be integrated with payroll, the risk of human error is removed. This means no overpayments while increasing the overall accuracy around payroll dates and invoicing.