The next generation of electronic attendance solutions

A smart 21st Century solution, FaciliTime™ is a revolutionary time tracking hardware and sofware solution ideal for the contract cleaning sector. It is packed with features and full of functionality, making it easy for managers to monitor their workforce and maintain accurate timesheets for payroll purposes. The web based system uses a state of the art telephone clock-in, clock-out setup which gives real time manage and monitoring or remote and mobile workers.

Suitable for any size of contract cleaning business from start-up to established service provider it allows you to save time and money and helps you store, track and organise your cleaners and supervisors’ time from a single web-based location. The service lets employees clock in and clock out from any touch tone telephone, including mobile phones, anywhere and at any time of the day or night. Saving time running your contract cleaning company is essential and FaciliTime™ helps you streamline critical processes including payroll and customer service.

Why Choose FaciliTime™ To Track Your Remote Contract Cleaning Workforce?

By recording when employees log in and out, the time tracking software removes the need for old fashioned paper timesheets and the associated hours of time needed to process.

Likewise, it also makes paying for hours worked much more straightforward. Remote staff often have to make multiple visits to different sites in any one week with varying rates of pay common for different locations or days of the week This inevitably leads to many hours of work for busy payroll departments, who have to process all of this information to allow pay slips to be sent out on a monthly or fortnightly basis.

FaciliTime™ can put an end to all of these headaches by providing a trusted, verified and accurate report on the actual hours worked at each location during a specific pay period. It also includes details of pay rates and can work out rates at each location and for different days.

Automatic data processing also reduces the likelihood of overpayments in payroll and removes the risk of human error. This makes any size contract cleaner more efficient and better able to offer a high standard of service to clients – if an employee doesn’t clock in, the system notifies a manager via text message. The company can then arrange for another visit to the site to ensure the clean is carried out as expected by the client.

Optimised, streamlined, flexible and future proofed, FaciliTime™ can scale up as your business grows, this makes it easy for new staff members to start work immediately without the hassle of having to set them up in the system in advance. Busy managers and supervisors can now monitor staff from any location, which means you don’t need to actually be in the office to run your business.