The next generation of electronic attendance solutions

Tap Into More Remote Workforce Management Benefits with FaciliTime™

FaciliTime™ delivers the many benefits of an intuitive Remote Workforce Management solution directly to your phone, tablet or desktop seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Cost effective, strategic and user friendly, FaciliTime™ is packed with functionality which empowers users to tap into a range of operational, cost and time saving benefits. The next evolution of managing a remote workforce is feature rich, low cost and an indispensable business partner across a wide range of industries.

The natural choice for any business or organisation with a remote workforce. FaciliTime™ is flexible and robust meaning it can easily scale up as your business grows, this helps ensure that managers remain in control and have complete visibility of attendance.

Many of the benefits are financial however FaciliTime™ also delivers additional management information in real time which is a key enabler for more informed decision making.

FaciliTime™ Benefits at a Glance…

  • Cloud based interface accessible online from any location
  • Future proof your time and attendance management be easily adding and removing employees as workforce changes take place
  • Powerful real time attendance tracking puts information at your fingertips
  • Monthly payments organised per employee not per site or alert
  • Eliminate paper timesheets to save time and resources and reduce human error
  • Easy clocking in and out system via telephone from any landline or mobile
  • Automatic alerts for non-attendance help improve customer service and service quality
  • Easily produce reports at the touch of a button
  • Receive daily call log information and always see the complete picture
  • Reduced potential for fraud
  • All information is processed centrally and securely. No additional software expenditure is required.

FaciliTime™ enables you to…

  • Track your employee time easily and efficiently
  • Intuitively manage your time and attendance data and employee profiles
  • Make employee scheduling a breeze
  • Reduce confusion and streamline the time associated with payroll processing
  • Track employees at each worksite, in multiple locations and remote locations
  • Report on time spent at each site and actual hours worked each week
  • Provide a safeguard for lone workers by raising an alert via email or SMS when staff members fail to clock in or out
  • Integrate effortlessly with third party payroll systems and other systems as required